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VPN For Security, Privacy And Freedom

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is an easy and efficient solution

It offers you three essential things when using the internet: more securityprivacy and freedom. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a VPN, it can seem quite daunting. No worries! This page will explain to you how a VPN works and why people use it.

A VPN offers security because it heavily encrypts all your internet traffic. This prevents others, such as governments and hackers, from intercepting your data. Even with the fastest super computer on earth, it would literally take tens of thousands of years to crack the heavy 256-bit encryption.


How Does a VPN Work Technically?

When the connection has been established with WiFiber's VPN server the following will happen to your data traffic:
  1. The VPN software on your computer encrypts your data and sends it to the VPN server through a secure connection.
  2. The encrypted data from your computer is decrypted by the VPN server.
  3. The VPN server will go on the internet with the decrypted data and will receive all traffic sent back, that is meant for the user.
  4. The traffic is then sent back to you (the user) after the VPN server encrypts it.

The VPN connection will encrypt your data traffic, making it virtually impossible for hackers or governments to intercept it. The secure connection also provides the user with anonymity because your internet traffic is rerouted through an external VPN server. Because you are surfing the web via the IP address of the VPN server your own IP address will stay hidden. Normally your location and even your identity could be revealed through your IP address because it is unique to your internet connection. By using a different IP address on the VPN server none of your actions online are traceable to you and you can now cruise the web anonymously.

Using our VPN services is easy, fast and reliable

If you wish to use WiFiber's VPN solution, or want to find out more about our VPN services, feel free to contact us.

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